Blood Line Selection

All player will be descendants of Adam. Keep in mind whether you are a son of Cain, Seth, or one of his other children will effect your statistics. In addition The Fallen Angels have been hard at work perverting the Creators final creation of mankind and this has further polluted the bloodlines of man.

1. Choose a fore father

A…. Seth… you are of the bloodline of those who are loyal to the Creator. You were born on the plains of. (2Con ,2 wis, -2 int)

B…. Cain… you are of the bloodline of Cain… You were born in the City of Enosh. Those who have been marked by the creator for the transgressions of their father. To strike at you or your kin is to visit death upon oneself. (+2 str, +2 Cha, -2 wis)

C…. Alulim…. You have lived in the lands of Sumer constantly at war with the Great Nephellim. You gain bonuses in combat against these monsters. (+2 dex, +2 int, -2 cha)

D…. Other Sons And Daughters…. You are descended from one of Adam And Eve’s younger children. (+2 to any one attribute)

E…. Lillith… You were born to the line of men born from Lilliths seduction of Adam. (+6 to one stat, -2 dex to all other stats)

F…. Heroes of ancient… While descended from Adam and Eve one of your ancestors is also one of the “Angels Who Watch” (+4 to two attributes, -2 to every other attribute)

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Blood Line Selection

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